"In Da Blaze"

I’m in the blaze; they so amazed I’m in da fyre; I live not die
I’m in the blaze,  they so amazed  I’m in da fyre ; I live not die (2x)

Verse 1
I keep it real Holyghost filled; compromise with my enemy no deal
God aint raise no sissy right here, I’m a mighty man of valor casting my fear
See I grew up in the house and all I ever saw, was some deacons drinking liquor breaking his law
And my mamma had a son from a Reverend  had wife and kids but I never met them
But I met Jesus heard Him knocking on my door, forgave me for my sins, had to let my past go
Started serving God and it wasn’t for show, Gave Him my life; he got my heart and my soul
They thought I was a joke oh I was going through a phase; until they saw the fyre on me Holyghost slayed
Changing many they see the real they amazed, tongue talking in the Holyghost living in the blaze.

From Jezebel man I’m gonna stay far, even if I gotta get gone hop off in my car
Don’t wanna be dead like superstar, victim of a fatal attraction roped off
You can call me scared you can call me soft, done seen a lot of dudes get get knocked off
Like dat dude Samson they took his vision, Delilah was pretty one on a mission
But I won’t put myself in that position, all by myself with a pretty vixen
See the devil think he slick he think he got game trying to bait me up with some eye candy
But I’m married to my wife, I be dat man of faith, Forever be with her never open up a gate
See the devil want divorce he wants to separate, but I’m praying in the Holyghost got’em running from da blaze.

People looking at me strange cause I’m lifting up His name, I look a heathen but I live a different way
Tennis shoes tattoos vocabulary slang, what God has sanctified don’t you call it common
See I be that candidate to who aint never, a holy man of God live life so raw
See a move of God want you come and follow, to your son and your daughter I’m a role model
Give ya life to God turn from dat wide road, run from religion them folk will make cold
Throw ya hands up receive Holyghost, open up ya mouth let them holy tongues flow
Prophesy fulfilled by the prophet Joel, never be the same time bomb explode
Fyre of God resting on ya life, blazing as a living sacrifice


Can take away the sin; take away the shame 
It removes the guilt; it can heal the pain 
And if ya struggling If ya on the chain
His blood it sanctifies theirs power in it mane
His blood is stronger is stronger is stronger His blood is stronger is stronger is stronger (2x)

Verse 1
Jesus so real came to earth gave; His life and broke our curse
Flesh had us it was our hearse; His blood freed us and it still works
Our mess up He took our place; through Him we go to throne of grace
It was finished on that day; died on the cross showed us mercy
Defeated Satan on that day; whipped him up open display
Sin no longer separates; because of the Lamb that was slained
I plead the blood right now by faith; receive Jesus right now today
Give Him ya sin let it go; summit to Him let His blood flow

Verse 2
Believe have faith in the blood apply testify overcome;
Exercise take communion; His blood is stronger than that rum
Reverence the death of the son; devils see blood man they run
Will break that curse and set you free even if you in adultery
Snorting powder, smoking weed; all fell short the blood we plead
If you empty feel lost alone; He loves you want you to know
Paid the price already won; just receive blood transfusion
New beginning born again; don’t look back ya past is done

Verse 3
Theirs power in the blood; man it works brakes every generational curse
Everything not of God; got to go; if ya need some peace it will restore
Remove depression bring you joy; take away fear make you bold
His blood is precious better than gold; available to the average Joe
Blood covenant be so real healing, prosperity, in that will
Took all sin upon Him; you don’t have to be condemn
Every sickness addiction; everything pertaining to death
Are you the righteousness; yes; through His blood perfect in Him.


His love is stronger is stronger---
He can heal ya pain and brake the chains and set you free—
You are in bondage no longer no longer—
So brake off the chains and walk away He’ll set you free--yeah