Qfyre (pronounced Q Fire) says he should have been dead six times over. In one near-death experience, he was thrown out of the back window of a vehicle on to the highway. This accident left him with an 8-inch scar on his forearm as a reminder. Realizing that he was at a crossroads in his life, Q decided to give up a life of womanizing, partying, and weed smoking, in order to commit his life to God. 

Hailing from the Tampa Bay area, Qfyre has traveled across the United States encouraging individuals to make a positive change. Using rap as his vehicle, his prophetic faith-based messages propels believers and even reaches the non-believer. His music delivers a message of hope and salvation through rhythmic beats and melodies. Qfyre’s creative artistry crosses culture, gender, and racial boundaries, bringing unity to a divided society. 

To date, he has released 4 solo albums, which include Qfyre: Da Album, Warhead, Refined and his latest EP entitled Jubilee.
Qfyre currently resides in Tampa Bay, Fl with his wife (Shay) and their five children.